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Lamp outlet warehouse lighting the way

It’s lamp heaven.
George and Martha Washington lamps made of porcelain.
Tiffany-style lamps.
Leather lamps with silk shades.
Harley-Davidson-looking lamps.
Funky, sexy leg lamps with leopard print shoes and a leopard print shade.
Radio lamps that people used to put on their TV sets to produce a soft glow as they would listen to the radio.
A never ending maze of lamps adorns the Hoyle Lamp Outlet in Lincolnton.
The lamp outlet store, which has been in business since 1979, has just updated its selection and has added more than 1,000 lamps and shades to its already 800-lamp supply.
The company’s largest purchase at one time is from a popular international lamp factory that has a sophisticated style to it and flaunts leather and brass.
The warehouse is now open to the public to show off the new line.
The store, which was 3,500-square-feet, has opened up its warehouse, adding on another 15,000 square feet.
Many items that could only recently be found in Los Angeles, New York or Paris can now be found just around the corner at a discount price.
Since many of the lamps are acquired from companies that are going out of business, companies that have overstock, or companies that are closing a warehouse, lamps can be offered at great deals.
“I had a friend who offered to teach me the business,” said Jim Hoyle, owner. “I just fell in love with it really, it’s just so exciting. People are so personable and I am selling them things that they have to have.”
Lamps found in the shop are from all over the world including Germany, Italy, France and Canada.
Customers can buy or trade lamps or bring them in for repair and custom work. Ideas for customizing range from using almost anything such as a lamp with a saxophone entwined or a lamp with a rum bottle as a base.
Lamps are also manufactured and designed at the store using an original mold from 1930.
The antique supply of lamps is something that has become very popular, Hoyle said.
“You know one when you see one because you will never be able to find it anywhere else,” he said. “They just don’t make them anymore.”
One of Hoyle’s favorite pieces is a lamp from France in the late 1800s which has a handmade painting on the vase.
“It’s a one of a kind painting on the lamp,” he said. “It’s a work of art.”
The collection of antiques has exceeded 300 and people love them, he said.
These lamps are marked with a vintage tag.
Amongst the lamps, one may also notice the various pieces of artwork displayed on the walls.
Last year, the store purchased two complete picture warehouses of artwork.
The future is definitely bright.
Hoyle Fine Lamps, Lamp Outlet is located at 207 Lithia Inn Road, behind Harris Teeter. Hours are 11 am. – 5 p.m. Monday – Friday and 9 a.m. – 2 p.m. Saturday. For more information visit www.hoylelamps.com or call (704) 732-0732.
by Amy Wadsworth

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