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Elevators going up in east Lincoln

As east Lincoln begins to grow, so do the buildings that accommodate the growth.
In the Denver fire district, there are five multistory buildings that have elevators.
For the Denver Fire Department, this means the possibility of a rescue in an elevator.
“I think we have to be ready to address a rescue like this especially with the growth,” said Chief Jay Flynn. “A multistory building is something that is going to happen.”
Last month, six firefighters attended the Elevator and Escalator Awareness and Safety class held at the Charlotte Fire Department training academy.
“It’s something we knew that we had to do,” Flynn said.
Firefighters learned how to gain access to an elevator and how to safely disable it for the rescuers and anyone who may be trapped inside.
“I think there is a lot to elevator safety that most people don’t realize,” Flynn said.
Some of the hazards include the high voltage concern and the mechanics of the system.
Some of the multistory buildings in the Denver fire district include West Lake Family Practice, R-Anell and Denver United Methodist Church. Elevator keys will be purchased for the different buildings in order to gain access.
The regional event that the Denver Fire Department attended also pulled in many other fire departments, Flynn said. Fire departments from Mooresville, Gastonia and many Charlotte companies were there to take the class.
Flynn said his department will start on-site training as soon as July 1, when the new budget year comes into effect.
The elevator keys that must be purchased run $150 a set. Flynn said a set will be put on each of the four trucks so that the keys will be available for rescues such as this. by Amy Wadsworth

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