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Long may she wave

Tomorrow, June 14, is Flag Day. A minor holiday to be sure, one which most people probably aren’t aware exists or little care.
However, Flag Day is a wonderful time for us to pause, reflect and thank all of those in uniform who serve and protect us; not just those in the military who are the living embodiment of what Old Glory represents, but also those who daily put their lives on the line here.
To our National Guard unit that recently returned from Iraq, we salute you. At great personal sacrifice you gave of yourselves in service to our country.
A salute to our area’s young men and women actively serving in our armed forces here and abroad who have answered the call to duty.
Without you, there would be no freedom of the press.
To the men and women who answer the local call to action, we tip our hat. Your efforts have not gone unnoticed.
Thank you, Lincolnton Police and Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office. Your constant surveillance on crime has netted our gratitude for removing drugs, dealers and other criminals from our streets.
Thank you also for Ticket and Click It; a thankless task to be sure, conducting road stops. But if just one person who received a summons and paid a fine makes it a permanent habit to always wear a seatbelt and someday survives an accident because of that, you have succeeded in saving the world.
To those who fill the ranks of emergency medical services (EMS), who answer the calls of those who have been stricken, be it accident or natural-occurring event such as heart attack, stroke and the like, thank you. All too often we hear sad and tragic stories how you become victims while in the course of aiding others, often with fatal results.
Firefighters, what words are there that can ever adequately express our deepest gratitude and appreciation for the sacrifices you make? None, for how can one take away the pain surely you must feel when a life has been seriously injured or lost? It’s a pain surely running deeper than can ever be conceived by we who can and never will do what you have undertaken.
Nor let us overlook those who wear the uniforms of CNAs, nurses, doctors and everyone else in the medical profession.
Acknowledge also the people who wear the uniform of security guards. While many may sneer and derisively call them “rent-a-cops,” truly they perform a much-needed service. In doing so, they free up our police for more important endeavors.
We are sure there are many in fields and professions who wear uniforms of one sort or another that we have overlooked and not singled out. Like all the abovementioned, you perform a service for your fellow American.
But there are ones who wear a uniform but do not serve us. It is they to whom we are most eternally grateful, for they are those who serve God; our pastors, ministers, priests, rabbis and imams. Through them we are led to grace and salvation by their delivering to us the Word of the Lord.
Our flag is the embodiment of principles our founding fathers astutely recognized as being God’s blessing to us, His children.
All would be meaningless were it not for those above who protect that covenant.
Thank you one and all, more than words can ever express.
by Steve Steiner

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