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Relay makes record

After amassing a total of $188,000 for the 2005 Lincolnton Relay for Life, captains of the event’s 50 teams had reason to celebrate.
“Do we know how to Relay or what?” said John Dancoff, co-chair of the event, at a celebration held Tuesday night at the Lincoln Senior Center.
The Lincolnton Relay raised $150,000 last year, which was enough to get national recognition.
The total per capita earnings rose this year from $515 to $541, which Dancoff estimates will be among the highest in the nation.
Even with big expectations, the $188,000 total came as a surprise.
“With the way the economy is this year, with gas prices sky high, people just don’t have the discretionary income they had,” said Susan Beaver, co-chair of the Lincolnton event.
Despite money being tight, raising the funds was not difficult.
“It’s got to be coming from the heart,” said Beaver.
Some of the most impressive fund raisers this year were schools. Those participating brought in a total of $40,000.
The money came from pig kissings, sweet sales, raffles, auctions, hat and gum days and penny wars.
Union Elementary School, for example, raised $5,000 simply from a penny war.
“It was just a four-day week,” said Terri Salmon, the team captain. “We were amazed.”
Other big earners included R-Anell Homes and Salem Lutheran Church.
Both organization attributed personal connections to their success.
“Everybody is touched by cancer,” said Susan Harris, team captain for Salem Lutheran Church.
That includes both fund raisers and donators.
“Whenever I’m out there begging for team dollars, it just comes easier when you know people who had it,” said David Beaver, co-captain of R-Anell’s team.
For Harris, that personal connection is her father, who died of cancer.
“That’s my reason why I Relay,” she said. “That’s why I’m dedicated.”
At Tuesday night’s celebration, team captains were awarded for their work, but thoughts moved quickly to next year. A lofty goal of $206,000 has already been set.
Fund raisers will take the same approach they did for the 2005 fund raiser.
“All we do is put on a good Relay,” said Dancoff. “We won’t worry. The money will come.”
by Sarah Grano

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