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Boat owners advised to take precautions against break-ins

Keeping your boat safe from break-ins this summer is something that many boaters should be aware of.
“We advise folks that if there is anything that they can take off boats that they should do so,” said sheriff’s Lt. Howard Eason, district supervisor for the eastern end of the county. “Don’t leave things in plain view if possible, remove items and report all incidents.”
Although boat break-ins are not a major problem for the lake patrol, Eason said it does occur occasionally.
“As time goes by and the population increases I think folks will target the boats on the water. It is a problem that I foresee,” he said.
Some places where a break-in might be more common include remote coves where boats are not visible to others and there is less traffic.
Eason said that many of the boats on the lake right now are also high in price.
But the main problem seems to be thieves stealing expensive items that are left on boats because these are things that can be removed quickly.
“There are nice stereos, CDs and I am sure some yachts have got DVD players on them,” he said.
Eason advises owners to be alert and bolt things to boats if possible.
“You want to make it as hard as possible for someone to steal something — anything you can do to slow someone down,” he said.
Sheriff Barbara Pickens echoed the same concerns as Eason.
“It can be a problem particularly this time of year when everyone is out on the lake and people are leaving their boats on docks and piers,” Pickens said. “It is wise to be careful.”
Larceny in general is very high during the spring and summer months, especially outdoors, she said.
The boating season officially kicked off Memorial Day weekend with school letting out.
“We will be seeing a lot more people on the water now,” Eason said. “Public safety is another major thing that folks should be aware of.”

by Amy Wadsworth

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