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Games fill last days

The enthusiastic yelling that took place at West Lincoln Middle School this week has little to do with the end of school.
Instead, seventh-grade students were involved in games focusing on math and English.
“We’re reviewing things they’ve learned all year,” said Christi Rykhus, a seventh-grade teacher.
The educational games had themes like “Survivor” and “Jeopardy!” Students were questioned on math, science, geography, literature and social studies. There was an English grammar basketball game, a time to navigate with a compass and movie watching.
“It’s been really fun because we get to learn stuff and we are having fun when we learn,” said Amber Willard, a seventh-grade student.
Rykhus believes that the games and activities are a good way to end the school year. She hopes the review games will help them retain information they will need in eighth grade.
“Hopefully they’ll remember a lot more,” said Rykhus. “Hopefully it will stick in their minds over summer.”
This is not the first year of review-mania at the close of school. The teachers also played review games last year and they used that experience to improve and make adjustments on this year’s review.
While last year’s review was four days, teachers cut it down to two this year. They believe it keeps students better focused.
The teachers also took a more group-oriented approach this year. They hoped the project would build teamwork and enthusiasm.
“The kids love it,” said Rykhus. “It’s been a lot of fun these last two days. Everyone’s interacting.”
While all the games have a fun slant, students have chosen their favorites.
“I like the stems basketball because its an activity, but its still school,” said Devein Beatenhead, a seventh grader.
Both the students and the teachers have enjoyed their time learning and playing games together. It’s great to be outside the classroom; using the skills they’ve learned is just an added bonus.
“Teaching is about touching the student’s lives and letting them know someone cares about them when they wake up in the morning,” Rykhus said.
by Mary Williams

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