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Within the week

It can be stinky, crusty and slimy. On occasion it becomes mushy, oozy and scaly. Every once in a while it even produces gunk.
The body’s pretty gross, huh? That’s the reason the Discovery Place has named its new body works exhibit “Grossology: the (Impolite) Science of the Human Body.”
The exhibit makes its first appearance this Saturday and the wonderful world of runny noses and body odor will be explored.
Participants can take a “Tour du Nose” to explore 10 nasal features including the human air filter and mucus producer. The pinball game “Gas Attack” gives players points by scoring food items that cause gas. “Burp Machine” mimics indigestion. “Urine: The Game” gives you a virtual reality kidney experience.
Sure, these things may sound gross to an adult, but take a couple kids to this place and they’ll go hog wild.
Admission to the Discovery Place is $8.50 for adults ages 14 to 59; and $6.50 for those over 60 or between the ages of two – 13. All children under two receive free admission.
For more information call (704) 372-6261 ext. 300 or visit www.discoveryplace.org.
The following events are also happening within the week:
· The Schiele Museum of Natural History in Gastonia is currently showing the temporary exhibit “Traditions and Treasures: American Indian Collections of the Schiele Museum.” The exhibit is free with museum admission. It features baskets, pottery, jewelry and Kachinas of the Hopi, Zuni and Pueblo among many others. The exhibit will last through October.
Members of the Extension and Community Association have submitted recipes for an educational program at 11 a.m. on Tuesday at the James W. Warren Citizens Center. Recipes will be analyzed and discussed. To register call Melinda Houser at the Lincoln County Cooperative Extension office at (704) 736-8461.
by Sarah Grano

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