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Lincoln County book clubs hold meeting

History and a love of reading collided at the Lincoln Cultural Center Wednesday afternoon as three book clubs met under one roof.
The Mentor Book Club has the prestigious honor of being the oldest one in the county – clocking in at 86 years. The Priscilla Book Club is right on its heels at 78 years old. The final group, the Review Book Club, is the youngest at 63 years old.
All the members, both new and old, share one common interest.
“We love reading,” said Betty Jones, a member of the Review Book club.
The three groups met to socialize, enjoy a light snack and listen to Mindy Friddle, author of “The Garden Angel,” speak.
This is the fifth annual joint meeting.
“Most everybody knows everybody,” said Nita Bandy, a member of the Review Book Club.
The clubs all have monthly meetings in which one member shares a program. That program may be on a genre of literature, or a specific book the presenter enjoyed.
“It’s a wonderful time to get together and share new authors,” said Bandy.
Once someone joins a book club, they remain members.
“It’s a lifetime commitment,” said Stephanie Edwards, a member of the Priscilla Book Club.
Daughters of current members get special consideration when it comes to choosing new members. Not just anyone is allowed into the groups, although guests are welcome.
The Priscilla Book Club, for example, only allows 18 people to belong.
“We want to keep it where you have some intimacy to the meetings,” said Carole Sherrill, a member.
Club members say conversation is always interesting, but rarely veers away from literature.
“Even though it is a social event, I think we’ve kept that concept that it is a book club,” said Sherrill.
Belonging to a book club takes members away from a television dominated world. When asked which they prefer, all members and guests have the same answer.
“Books. Hands down,” said Phyllis Trapp, a guest of the Mentor Book Club.
by Sarah Grano

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