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Celebrating National Nursing Home Week

The residents of Brian Center Nursing Care in Lincolnton know how to have a good time.
So far they have spent “National Nursing Home Week” participating in a balloon liftoff, eating ice cream and watching church singers and a magic show.
More events will follow throughout the week, including an antiques fair, cookout and a visit from the West Lincoln High School JROTC drill team.
Residents all have their favorite events.
“I like bingo, and I like singing,” said Vivian Patton, a resident.
“We also like the preaching,” said Verlene Caldwell, a resident.
Celebrations began on Monday with a visit from Mayor Bobby Hewitt and a balloon liftoff.
“We love to go out in the sun for a minute and watch all the balloons lift off,” said Naomi Staton, a resident.
Brian Center staff and volunteers hope the week of celebration brings awareness to life inside nursing homes.
“We’re not just a place where we treat illness and sickness,” said Lydia Minton, administrator of the Brian Center. “We’re a place where we treat the whole person.”
Minton is quick to point out that residents have friendships and even romantic relationships while staying at the nursing home.
“They develop very close relationships with each other, and they have very close relationships with staff members,” she said.
These friendships are one of the reasons residents look forward to a week full of activities.
“We enjoy being together with the group,” said Patton.
Brian Center staff hope family members will come join in the activities. Their goal is to make a week where nursing home patients get the royal treatment.
“They were mothers and fathers, and now they’re grandparents and I just think they should be treated very special,” said Sandy Ewing, activities director.
National Nursing Home Week lasts until May 14. It was established by the American Health Care Association, a non-profit federation of affiliated state health organizations.
by Sarah Grano

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