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Verdict Ridge soldier in Afghanistan receives gift from Verdict Ridge staff

The stories Verdict Ridge staff members have been reading that are being written by one of its newest residents, Col. Randal Bockenstedt, currently stationed in Afghanistan, has so moved them that they recently put together and sent him a “goodie box.” Among the items included was a Verdict Ridge beach towel.
Little did they realize how much that small gift would mean to Bockenstedt.
The gift from the staff members came as a complete surprise, yet was truly appreciated.
After he received it, he sent back a picture via email of the Verdict Ridge gift in use. He also sent a gift in return to the staff and community of Verdict Ridge, an American flag that had flown over the U.S. Embassy in Kabul.
Currently, he and other troops are in the process of providing Afhganistan farmers with a crop other than poppies. It’s a challenge because the poppy, which is cultivated and used in the manufacture of heroin, is quite lucrative for farmers to grow.
Keeping in touch is important to Bockenstedt, as it is to any soldier. In a recent communique he wrote, “About once a week I pull up the Verdict Ridge website. I’m so excited about coming home. I look forward to receiving cards and emails.”
by Staff Reports

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