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City takes prudent course on trash pick-up

The Lincolnton City Council took the prudent course when it discarded a proposal to impose a monthly fee for residential garbage pick-up. That’s not to say City Manager Jeff Emory didn’t have reason to propose the change, given the extensive service provided by the city. Just about anything you throw on the curb in the city of Lincolnton will be picked up. City officials say the service surpasses that of most other similar cities.
During the city’s budget retreat in March, Emory proposed a $6 per month fee for residential garbage pick-up. Commercial users would be charged on a different scale. About $350,000 could be raised annually through the fee. According to statistical data presented at the retreat, 68 percent of cities with a population of more than 5,000 imposed fees for residential trash collection. The average monthly fee was $7.13.
The council decided not to impose the fee, but to take a close look at the current regulations and possibly add restrictions on what can be put on the curb. For example, the city often picks up construction wastes that should be carried away by the builder.
It’s easy to take for granted some of the inexpensive services and benefits we receive from the city (such as $300 cemetery lots at Hollybrook). Our thanks to the Lincolnton City Council for continuing to provide good benefits to the residents of Lincolnton. We know the cost of services will eventually go up, but the city does an excellent job of keeping those hikes in small increments.
by Al Dozier

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