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Area women over 50 have people seeing red

The Red Hat Kiddies of Denver proved that one does not have to fear getting older.
Dressed in their red hats and purple outfits, the women laughed, told jokes and even played the kazoo, the official instrument of the Red Hat Society.
It was hard not to notice them at the Sports Page Food & Spirit in Denver on Saturday. Their warmth and smiles took over the restaurant.
The Red Hat Kiddies, a chapter of the Red Hat Society have recently formed with one purpose – to have fun.
With more than 35,000 chapters in more than 25 counties, The Red Hat Society, an organization for women over 50 (and under), is a phenomena which took off in 1998 when the idea first surfaced.
Betty Miller, queen mother of the Red Hat Kiddies thought being involved with the Red Hat Society would be fun.
As it was, Miller said she already wore a red hat to church.
“It just kind of mushroomed, I drive a red car so then I wanted a red hat,” Miller said. “Before I knew it people were giving me gifts.”
She also purchased the official book on the Red Hat Society, “Red Hat Society, Fun and Friends After Fifty,” and thought it sounded like so much fun.
The group officially formed in February and has 10 members.
“We want people who want to have fun and be little kids again because that’s what it is all about,” Miller said.
With Saturday only being their second official meeting, the ladies were busy planning ideas for upcoming meetings.
But they also spent time looking at the Red Hat Kiddies scrapbook filled with photos.
Ann Ballard, of Stanley met Miller at church only because of her red hat.
Ballard said at that time Miller had not started the chapter yet, but she knew she was the person to do it.
“It formed a friendship and a new club,” Ballard said.
The club makes Ballard happy, she said.
“I like to make people smile and I’m happy to make others happy,” she said.
Sarah Ellis of Mt. Holly is a member of two Red Hat chapters, The Red Hat Kiddies and the Catawba Height’s Hatters.
“I can’t attend everything but it is a lot of fun,” Ellis said.
Miller said her favorite part of the group is, “being with the ladies.”
“I just enjoy every minute of it,” she said.
The club is only accepting 20 members. To contact the Queen Mother, call (704) 483-0648.
The Red Hat Society began in California by a woman by the name of Sue Ellen Cooper.
Cooper gave her friend a red hat and a copy of the poem, “Warning,” by Jenny Joseph as a birthday gift. The poem describes an older woman in purple clothing with a red hat. Her friend loved it so much that the trend continued from one friend to another.
Before long, the Red Hat Society was formed.
But one does not have to be 55 to join. Pink hatters can join as well if one is under 55.
For more information visit ww.redhatsociety.com.
by Amy Wadsworth

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