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Symphony chapter starts recruiting

In order to keep music in the air, the Lincoln County Chapter of the North Carolina Symphony is working hard to recruit members.
“In North Carolina there’s only one town that’s smaller than Lincolnton that has the symphony (visit), and that’s Blowing Rock,” said Adair Cantwell, co-president of the chapter.
The symphony plays three concerts per year in Lincolnton — one in the summer and two Christmas concerts.
This summer’s concert will take place outdoors at Betty G. Ross Park. Cantwell hopes the event is popular.
“It hasn’t really taken hold in Lincolnton yet, and we’re hoping this year to be a breakthrough,” she said.
The symphony will play movie scores and patriotic pieces.
“They play music that people will be familiar with,” said Cantwell.
The outdoor concert will take place in June and will be co-sponsored by the Lincoln County Parks and Recreation Department.
Coming in December, Lincolnton will host two symphony concerts — one for adults and one for children.
The children’s concert takes place during the day. All fifth-graders in the county are bussed into the James W. Warren Citizens Center. Last year, the field trip took place during messy weather.
“It was pouring rain, and it was packed with fifth graders,” Cantwell said.
Despite the wet weather and close seating conditions, the students were on their best behavior.
“They were so into it, I couldn’t believe it,” said Cantwell.
During this concert the students learn lessons on music and pull out their own recorders to play along.
In the evening, another Christmas concert is held, this one with the whole family in mind.
Students from Catawba Springs Elementary School and S. Ray Lowder perform. The symphony plays holiday favorites and the audience even gets to sing along.
“The Christmas concert is just really special, and we usually have a full Citizens Center with that,” said Cantwell.
The Christmas concerts will be performed this winter on Dec. 8. The outdoor concert will take place on June 16. Until then, the chapter hopes to recruit all the members it can get.
“Right now the focus is on fund raising,” said Cantwell.
Members of the Lincoln Chapter of the North Carolina Symphony receive season tickets. Memberships cost $20. All extra proceeds from any fund raising go to the symphony, but Cantwell says the chapter usually just breaks even.
She encourages everyone, members or not, to attend the concerts.
“I just think for a small town this is a fabulous opportunity,” she said.
Membership into the Lincoln Chapter of the North Carolina Symphony cost $20. The summer concert will take place in Betty Ross Park on June 16. The winter concerts will take place on Dec. 8. For more information or to become a member call Cantwell at 704-748-9175 or Christine Poinsette at 704-748-9175.
by Sarah Grano

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