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Concert Association announces new season

The Lincoln County Concert Association is bringing a hodge podge of entertainment to Lincolnton this year. There will be steel drums, funny pianists, singing, unicycling and Beatles impersonating.
First up this season is the Steely Pan Steel Band, which will perform April 8 at the James W. Warren Citizen’s Center. The band is made up of 19 performers who play a total of 38 drums. The tunes will range from soca/calypsos to Appalachian mountain music.
The concert begins at 7:30 p.m. and costs $15 for adutls and $5 for students.
Following that concert, there will be a break in LCCA provided entertainment. Never fear, come October the schedule is packed.
On Oct. 13, the St. Louis Brass Quintet will visit Lincoln County. The members of the quintet include three professors, one of which teaches at Yale, the principal horn for the Houston Ballet and the executive director of Primo Concerts.
The group comes together for three 10 day tours each year, and the performance will include humor and a range of musical styles.
A month later on Nov. 13, another musician will be combining humor and music. Emile Pandolfi has performed throughout the world during a career that has lasted over 20 years. His performances are mostly made up of popular music.
In January, the LCCA is bringing two back to back performances. The first being Mark Lippard, a juggling, unicycling, fire-eating funnyman.
The second part of that Jan. 20 performance will be the Queen Charlotte chorus, which includes a group of 50 women who sing four part harmony in Barbershop style.
Finally, the fab five are coming in May of 2006. “The Return” is billed as the most authentic Beatles tribute band in the world.
For more information on the LCAC’s upcoming season, call 704-735-7138.
by Sarah Grano

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