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Petition pushes to change Stanley addresses

Residents who have a Stanley address can now sign a petition to try and get a Denver address.
The area covered by the petition is Cowan’s Ford along N.C. 73 to Killian’s Road; Killian’s Road to Sifford Road; Sifford Road to N.C. 16; N.C. 16 to Little Egypt; and Little Egypt to N.C. 73. It includes Cowan’s Ford, Gates at Waterside and Oxford Hunt Subdivision.
Todd Wulfhorst, a Denver resident, has been the main force to get the petition together. He said this is simply an attempt at seeing what can be done.
“I think it is very frustrating for those people who live in those areas,” Wulfhorst said. “They would like to be associated with Denver.”
Part of the petition reads, “It is an inconvenience to travel to Stanley for my postal needs and ideally I would prefer for a Denver annex to be located at the intersection of Highway 16 and Highway 73 due to the great growth in this area.”
The petition has been endorsed by the Lincolnton/Lincoln County Chamber of Commerce, the East Lincoln Betterment Association and the Denver Area Business Association.
“It’s up to the people who live in these areas that are affected to sign the petition,” Wulfhorst said.
Forming the petition seemed to make the most sense since the residences and business who have a Stanley address are geographically identified with Denver.
The goal is to circulate the petition for 44 to 60 days.
The petitions have been distributed in the Oxford Hunt subdivision, the Gates at Waterside and Cowan’s Ford homeowner’s association.
If there is any interest in the petition, it will then be distributed on to the postmaster in Stanley, Denver and Charlotte.
“I think then the post office will do their own mailing survey and then see if it is in their best interest to have it done,” Wulfhorst said.
At the ELBA meeting on Thursday night, Bob McGuire, who has a Stanley address but lives in the proximity of Denver, voiced his concerns.
“The problem is that we have a Mount Holly phone number as well,” he said. “It’s long distance even to Lincolnton so we can’t even call our county government.”
There are also many people who may not be for the petition.
“A lot of people in the Lowesville area identify themselves with Stanley and we need to respect their desires,” Wulfhorst said.
by Amy Wadsworth

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