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LEDA pays tribute to local businesses

DENVER —Local businesses accepted Milestone Achievement Awards at a banquet held Thursday by the Lincoln Economic Development Association at Verdict Ridge Country Club.
From now on the awards will be handed out every five years.
Last year the first awards were handed out to Timken and Blum who were both celebrating 25 years in business.
This year awards were presented to: Cochrane Furniture Co., which has been in the community 100 years; Robert Bosch Tool Company-Manufacturing Division, 45 years; Robert Bosch Tool Company-Distribution, 45 years; Lincoln Times-News, 40 years; Steele Rubber Products Inc., 30 years, La-Z-Boy, 20 years and AlpharmaUSPD, Inc., 15 years.
Laura Foor, existing business coordinator for LEDA, said the association’s number one focus is existing businesses, unlike most other economic development associations who more often promote new businesses.
“We think it is important for our resources to work with existing industries,” Foor said. “This is our way of recognizing you.”
LEDA Chairman Junior Howard said he was happy to see the number of businesses receiving awards.
“Thank you for all you do for Lincoln County,” Howard said. “We hope to see you in five more years.”
Prior to the Milestone Achievement Awards banquet LEDA held a meeting to discuss some of the new businesses that may come to Lincoln County.
“There are a lot of prospects right now,” said Barry Matherly, executive director of LEDA. “The Brazilian company and a Japanese company are both coming back to look at this area in April.”
There are also three to four German companies who might be interested in coming to Lincoln County.
Lots of existing industry are also looking at the possibility of expanding.
Matherly said some of these expansions will take place by the end of the year.
In other business, the LEDA board is working on updating their Web site and is also looking at a Lake Norman Web site for east Lincoln.
Board member Seth A. Haney, has resigned from LEDA as he moves to a new position with the Timken Co. in Canton, Ohio.
David Lee, general manager of Robert Bosch Tool Company-manufacturing division has been recommended to be Haney’s replacement.
The East Lincoln Advisory Committee chaired by Tom Anderson met last week in order to format the Web site.
“Once it is up and running we will be able to get together again to talk about other issues,” Anderson said.

by Amy Wadsworth

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