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Writing from the heart

During a troubled time in her family’s life, Vicki Amerault would tell bedtime stories to her son about the world inside the looking glass.
“He would say ‘Mom, wouldn’t it be great if we went into the looking glass, and we’d all be happy,’” said Amerault.
Those stories of adventure have now transformed into a book featuring the same character that lulled her son to sleep.
“Julie Through the Looking Glass” features a 7-year-old girl and her scrappy dog, Scratch. They travel through the world of the looking glass and learn Biblical lessons from Noah, Jonah and Soloman.
“She learns about pride and faith and how to listen to her heart,” said Amerault.
The book, which is being published by Publish America, will be sold at Barnes and Noble in Hickory, Lighthouse Bookstore in Lincolnton and on 29 Internet book sites.
A book signing will be held at Cup of Grace Coffeehouse this Saturday between 1 and 3 p.m.
“Julie Through the Looking Glass” is Amerault’s first book. She was initially drawn to writing 13 years ago after a car accident cost her a leg.
Amerault and her then husband were coming home from Hickory on a dark, rainy night. Their car swerved into an embankment, a tree fell on it and Amerault’s knee was shattered.
After that moment everything in her life changed.
“When I lost my leg, I dedicated my life to the Lord,” she said.
Her son, who she later told stories to, was only six weeks old at the time of the accident.
“That sort of took my mind off me,” she said.
With a newborn to raise, Amerault didn’t have time to feel sorry for herself.
“I accepted it from the beginning,” she said. “I couldn’t change it. It happened.”
Now her son is 13 years old, and she has already completed her second book “Julie Flies to the Past” in which Julie travels to 1920’s England, a time and place close to Amerault’s heart.
“I like old fashioned things,” she said. “Back in the old days, families were tight, they were close.”
The British setting came naturally to Amerault who was born in England. She left the country as a G.I bride at the age of 18.
After living in Massachusetts, Amerault and her family moved to the South. She now lives in Maiden with her teenage son. She also has three other children who are now grown.
Her family is proud of her new book, and Amerault has received good reviews from children who have heard her read it.
“I actually kept their attention,” she said. “Maybe it was my accent, I don’t know.”
Amerault is currently working on her third book, “Julie Digs up a Diary,” but she has a ways to go before it gets published.
“It’s still sitting in Microsoft Word,” she said.
Vicki Amerault will be signing books on March 12 between 1 and 3 p.m. For more information call Cup of Grace at (704) 732-8000.by Sarah Grano

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