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Interactive seminar cracks Biblical codes

For the next month, Lincolnton will be part of an international religious network bringing in live information on Biblical codes.
“Lincolnton is like a dot on a worldwide map right now,” said Kimberly Graves, communications secretary for the Seventh Day Adventist Church. “To me, what’s so exciting is people can listen to it on the radio. They can listen to it live because we have a satellite.”
“The Prophecy Code,” which will be broadcast on 100.9 FM and shown live at Seventh Day Adventist Church, is a program that promised to break codes hidden in the Bible.
“This is a survey seminar on Biblical prophetic codes and giving you keys on how to discern what’s truth or fiction,” said Graves.
Cracking Bible codes has become a popular topic nationwide. Interpretations can be found in “The Da Vinci Code,” “The Bible Code” and “The Left Behind” series.
“Much of it is entertainment, fiction,” said Graves.
She believes the teachings in “The Prophecy Code” will be nothing but the facts. The interactive seminar is being led by Doug Batchelor, a speaker and author.
“He is the closest thing that I have found to the actual Bible scripture and history,” said Graves.
The seminar, which lasts until March 26, will touch on such topics as the Rapture, the mark of the beast and Armageddon.
The next event will be Saturday at 11 a.m. The name of the lesson is “The Richest Caveman.”
People with questions on Biblical codes can visit www.prophecycode.com. The questions will be answered live during the seminar.
“It’s very interactive,” said Graves who had one of her questions answered.

For more information on dates and times for “The Prophecy Code” call (704) 732-0419.by Sarah Grano

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