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Webmaster keeps a region informed

Dave Rohr is the face behind DenverNC.com, the popular Web site residents go to in order to find information about Lincoln County.
What started as a hobby for Rohr has now become almost a full-time job for the Denver resident.
When he created the Web site in December 1999, it was only four pages. Now it has grown to 896 pages.
It started with 600 business listings. Now Rohr estimates that it is probably over 1,500.
Rohr said the first month online he had about 25 to 50 people visit his Web site. Now the number of visitors is up to 2,000.
“It has been fun to watch it grow,” Rohr said. “It has gotten so big.”
The Web site is a resource for many in the community to help find business listings, upcoming events and area news.
For those who are new to Denver, there is also a Newcomers Guide to help those locate what they need to find.
“It’s been a lot of fun,” Rohr said. “I have met a lot of people through it, heard some cute stories and received lots of emails with nice comments.”
Rohr got involved with creating Web sites through his work as an engineer. He also created a Web site for a business in Huntersville.
“Once I did that I had a lot of people asking who created it,” he said.
Then he began creating Web sites for many small and large businesses in Denver including one for the popular pastry shop, Sugar Buzz.
“After doing several Web sites it got me thinking how I could create a Web site for local businesses to help find each other,” he said.
Thus, denvernc.com was born.
Since 1999, the Web site has grown tremendously. Information about almost anything on the lake can be found there including area attractions, information on boating, fishing, golfing, schools, shopping, lodging and camping. There is even a section on the history of Denver.
Rohr said he even gets emails from people who think he is actually the town of Denver’s main office.
“It’s amazing all the stuff I get,” he said. “I even get emails from time to time asking if we have any current job openings.”
Rohr still has many ideas to expand the Web site even more.
Some of his ideas include showcasing an interesting business in the area once a month and doing a brief history on some of the historical markers that are located around town.
He also would like to include all Web sites for Lake Norman on the Web site.
This year Rohr also created the Web site for Denver Days at DenverDays.com.
To reach Rohr, call 704-489-1961 or email him at info@DenverNC.com.

by Amy Wadsworth

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