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Recording visions from God

When Nancy Grigg first started experiencing Biblical visions, she wrote them down and hid the writings under her pillow. Now, 14 years after her initial vision, Grigg is publishing a book.
“I kept it secret for a long time, and I just feel like God didn’t want me to keep that secret,” she said.
“The Truth From God” was published in December by Xlibris, a strategic partner of Random House Venutres, LLC. The book is a record of Grigg’s visions, all of which involve Biblical scenes and people.
She and her husband, Donald, hope the book shows how God interacts with everyday people.
“He still communicates with people, not necessarily with someone who is head of the church or the pope,” said Donald Grigg. “It could be a common housewife or someone who didn’t expect this to happen to them, which Nancy didn’t.”
When the first vision came, she had no idea what was happening to her. She said she was surprised, awe filled and isolated.
“At that time, she didn’t go out and tell everyone about it, or talk about it,” said Donald Grigg. “It was just something that was happening to her.”
For years, Grigg says the visions came day and night. Whenever they happened, she would feel like she was in a scene from the Bible.
She remembers the colors of prophets’ beards, the texture of walls and the hem of Jesus’ robe.
“I was in those visions,” she said. “I was either in the sky looking down on the vision or down looking up.”
Her descriptions of the visions have met with some skepticism. She insists that God communicates through people today, just as He did in Biblical times.
“He’s still the God he used to be,” she said.
Despite over a decade of silence, Nancy Grigg feels ready to share her story with the world.
“God told me to write down what I’d seen,” she said. “I thought it wouldn’t be for me to keep for myself, so I put it in a book for others.”
The book is available at barnesandnoble.com and Xlibris.comby Sarah Grano

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