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ELHS student wins full ride

Michael Griswold, a senior from East Lincoln High School, has received a four year undergraduate, two year graduate, paid scholarship to Clemson University.
Included in the $100,000 scholarship are at least two summer trips abroad, a laptop computer and $3,000 a year for spending money.
Griswold was picked out of 14,000 students who applied for the Clemson National Scholars Program. From that number, 40 finalists were chosen and 10 to 15 people received the award.
“I was really excited to have the opportunity to come for the full ride,” Griswold said.
The 18-year-old was also chosen as a finalist for the Park scholarship at N.C. State University but had to choose between the two schools since the interviews were on the same weekend.
He was also a semi-finalist for the Morehead Scholarship award from UNC Chapel Hill.
Griswold said he is looking to double major in Computer Science and Math.
He will be allowed to reside in Holmes Hall Honors Dorm, or he can live in an apartment and receive the equivalent of the expense for Holmes Hall for the apartment.
Jane Parker, guidance counselor at East Lincoln said out of the 160 seniors this year, he is the only one who has received a scholarship so far.
“It’s unusual for us to see a scholarship of this caliber-it’s unreal,” Parker said. “They are basically paying for him to come.”

by Amy Wadsworth

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