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Pavilion buys scannng tools

The East Lincoln Healthcare Pavilion, an outpatient center of Lincoln Medical Center, is continuing to expand and improve.
The Imaging Center has added a new CT Scanner and an ultrasound machine.
The $400,000 CT scanner installed at the end of January helps doctors look inside parts of the body, such as the brain, neck, chest, spine and abdominal organs.
Images are taken by rotating the body and pop up on the screen in 6 seconds.
The scanner was approved almost a year ago by the hospital board in order to assist the patients in east Lincoln.
“We wanted an outpatient facility where you could come in and not be interfered with emergency patients. You just come in and get your CT in one location,” said John Shelton, director of Radiology with Lincoln Medical Center.
The brand new equipment was made possible with LMC having its best financial year to date.
Total revenues for 2004 were $50.6 million compared to $46.3 for fiscal 2003. Operating income for fiscal year 2004 grew 42 percent to $2.8 million compared to an operating income of $2 million for the same period last year.
There was also a growth rate of 7 percent during the year with CT scans. The need to purchase an additional CT scanner was of vital importance.
LMC averages 600 CT exams in a month with the largest month to date reaching a total of 711 patients.
The new machine at the East Lincoln Healthcare Pavilion has already been used on 20 patients since Feb. 14.
“By having this new machine it is allowing us the opportunity to redirect the outpatient volume to this area,” Shelton said.
The CT scanner is located on the second floor of the healthcare pavilion and had to be pulled in with a crane.
The $150,000 ultrasound machine can help assist with imaging procedures including looking at the lungs, kidney, liver and gallbladder. With the touch of a button, a digital picture is sent to LMC.
LMC is also adding Obstetrics and Gynecology to the East Lincoln Heathcare Pavilion twice a week beginning March 8.
Dr. John Chang and Dr. Donald Westra will be available for afternoon appointments Tuesday and Thursday.
“I am so pleased that we are able to add in all these services,” Shelton said.
Shelton said even he can use these services.
“It is really good that we are seeing the services pop up here, and I hope the community can come and embrace it,” Shelton said.
To make an appointment call the imaging center at 704-489-6561. To make an appointment in Denver with obstetrics and gynecology call LMC to schedule a time at 704-735-3071.
by Amy Wadsworth

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