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Quilts and acquaintances

The cry is simple: “Teachable moment!”
As soon as the words are spoken, half a dozen women come running.
At the weekly meetings of the Howard’s Creek QTX — Quilters to the eXtreme — education is a priority.
Members come to the Howard’s Creek Community Building once a week between 9:30 a.m. and 2:30 p.m. for advice, practice and fellowship.
The group is new, but it’s already the place to be for a handful of west Lincoln quilters. In its first month, the organization is averaging 11 to 13 members at each meeting, said Vicki Wise.
Wise and Judie Saine founded the group because of their shared love of quilting.
The two lived in the Howard’s Creek area before their husbands got transferred to Kernersville, N.C. because of their jobs. Wise and Saine didn’t know each other until they met at a quilting group meeting in Kernersville.
Eventually they each moved back to Howard’s Creek and made a surprising discovery — they were neighbors, living just a mile apart.
“We met in Kernersville, and we’ve been best friends ever since,” Wise said.
Both self-proclaimed “fabric-holics,” the two knew they had to have an outlet for their obsession.
“We’re just people who enjoy quilting and want to promote quilting,” said Saine. “It’s a very addictive habit.”
They checked with the county’s Recreation Department and found they could use the center free of charge.
The building is perfect, they said. It’s got a large open space, good lighting and lots of big tables.
All members have to do is bring their machines and fabric.
Group members get to work on their individual projects, but they get the benefit of having a dozen other quilters around to help if they run into any problems.
The quilters learn different ways of tackling projects, said member Shirley Wise.
“Everybody does something different,” she said. “But it all comes out the same.”
They’re all there to offer tips and help in a comfortable, friendship-oriented environment.
Brenda Auton got involved in quilting when she retired from Carolina Mills four years ago. She even has her own quilting group that meets in her home.
“It’s such fun that I thought I’d join this,” she said. “It’s wonderful therapy.”
During meetings members have a show-and-tell session and talk about new techniques and projects. As a charitable project, they plan on making baby blankets and donating them to Crisis Pregnancy Center.
Meetings last five hours. Members can stay the whole time or just drop in when they want.
And you don’t have to be a professional. The only requirements are to have equipment, fabric and the desire to make a lot of friends.
“Sewing people are generally good, friendly people,” Saine said.
Howard’s Creek QTX meets every Tuesday from 9:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. For more information contact the Recreation Department at 704-735-2671; Vicki Wise at 704-732-8836; or Judie Saine at 704-735-2490. by Alice Smith

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