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Meyers makes scenic art masterpiece

More than 40 paintings fill one of the rooms in Louise Meyers’ house.
Seagulls taking flight off a Florida coastline.
A layer of white snow and a calming setting.
A large overflowing waterfall.
Meyers said it’s hereditary.
Her grandfather was an artist and built two churches in Ukraine. She got involved with art in high school and has been hooked ever since.
Meyers enjoys doing oil paintings. Water pieces, eagles and historical scenes are just some of the types of artwork that can be found in her studio.
“I like oils because they are so much richer looking,” she said. “There is so much in an oil painting. You can study it.”
Meyers said an oil painting has feeling.
“It’s not just a reproduction,” she said.
A native of California, Meyers has been in North Carolina for several years and has started trying to sell some of her artwork.
Most recently, she donated a piece of her artwork at the “Fall and Love With Art … and More” auction held in Denver last week.
The piece ,called “The Old Mill State of VA,” was auctioned off for $45.
Most of her paintings she does from a photograph, magazine or newspaper. She has many collections of photos that she has taken in the past.
Meyers never rushes a piece of art. In fact, she likes to walk away from it several times in order to really appreciate the beauty.
“I do my paintings and then I take them in my living room beside the fireplace and study them,” she said. “Then I can sit and correct it (the painting).”
Meyers attended the University of Virginia, the Art Instruction School of Minneapolis and the Louisville School of Art. She was a member of the Arts and Crafts Guilds of Florida and Virginia.
To purchase a painting call 704-735-6702. Or drop by her house, 2457 Oaklane Drive, located on the corner of Country Club Road in Lincolnton. Her paintings range from $45 to $95.
by Amy Wadsworth

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