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Bidders raise hands and money

Paris by Night.
John Lennon.
Moulin Rouge a la Nuit.
Even a Bruce Springsteen autographed guitar.
These were just some of the items that were available at the 3rd annual “Fall in Love with Art and More Auction.”
The event held Thursday night at the Triangle Industrial Park attracted more than 100 people who came to spend an evening perusing over the 151 pieces of art available.
As pieces were put up on display, the anticipation rose and bidder cards were thrown in the air.
“Going once, going twice..sold to the man in the front row,” the auctioneer from Ross Galleries in New York would chant.
Out of the 151 pieces of art, 57 pieces were sold. The most expensive piece, “Summer Still Life,” by Zule went for $975,
Angela Jones, a Denver resident, was attending her third auction, hoping to find pieces for her new home.
“I came to get a little more educated on art and to support a good cause,” Jones said.
She also came to spend time with good friends.
“I wanted to enjoy one of Denver’s cultural events,” she said.
Three local artists donated pieces of their art to the Denver/Lake Norman Rotary, who was sponsoring the event.
Louise Meyers, a Lincolnton artist, was one of the artists that did so. Her piece entitled “The Old Mill, State of VA” sold for $45.
The painting was done on canvas with oil from a photograph of an old mill that used to be used in Virginia.
Meyers has displays of her work located all over the country, including New York, Kentucky, Florida and California.
Jack Funk, organizer for the event, said he heard praise from everyone who attended the auction.
“I didn’t hear anyone saying anything negative,” Funk said. “I think everyone found the auctioneer to be upbeat and entertaining.”
As many people bid on the art items, other people enjoyed the delectable food items present, including chocolate covered strawberries from Sugar Buzz.
The event raised a gross amount of $12,000 with proceeds going to supply office furnishings for the new East Lincoln Christian Ministries building.
Any remaining money will go toward the American Red Cross Tsunami Relief Fund.
Next year’s auction may be held on a weekend, in order to attract more people.

Liliana Barr, a Denver resident bids on a piece of art Thursday evening. There were over 100 people at the event. Chris Dean / LTN Photo

by Amy Wadsworth

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