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Cleanwell taking steps to improve service

Cleanwell Sanitation may be cleaning up its act.
Numerous complaints against the Stanley trash company have been filed with the Better Business Bureau of the Southern Piedmont in the last year, making them a company with an unsatisfactory rating. Some of the issues have included creditor billing issues, delivery problems and several refund cases.
Once a complaint is filed, the BBB contacts the company to discuss the problems. Cleanwell Sanitation has not returned any phone calls until recently.
Currently, Cleanwell Sanitation has an unsatisfactory rating since they only just started responding to the complaints.
But by the request of Cleanwell President Shelley Clontz, a phone call was made to the BBB at the beginning of January, in whixh he promised to respond to all of the complaints.
“I didn’t even know that there were complaints filed because our previous service customer representative kept throwing things away,” Clontz said.
He said many changes have already been made in the company, including a new computer service, new personnel, a new yard service manager and replacement of several bad drivers.
Clontz said he has been inactive in the company for some time due to a family illness but that he is ready to become involved again.
“This is not what I like out of a company,” he said. “We are getting it turned around to live up to what we need to do.”
Linda Pellerin, director of Public Relations at BBB, said there was much media exposure when many complaints were filed. Pellerin said that is when she got a call from Clontz.
Currently, there are 13 pending complaints. So far the BBB has sent seven to the company and three have been resolved. The BBB will send more complaints once the others have been taken care of.
“They are showing a good faith effort now,” Pellerin said.
According to Pellerin, Cleanwell Sanitation did not answer complaints or concerns prior to January since “there were some problems because they bought out another sanitation company.”
Since Cleanwell Sanitation has a new customer service staff, Pellerin said so far everyone seems to be happy with how things are being handled.
“Apparently they have acted together to the satisfaction of the consumers,” she said.
The company that Cleanwell Sanitation bought out was an Iron Station business called Trash-It.
The BBB has 30,000 businesses in their database, with 3,000 of them members.
Companies that do not respond to complaints, eventually may have their records turned over to the attorney general.
When this happens, many companies can be put out of business.
For more information visit the BBB’s Web site at www.charlotte.bbb.org or call 704-527-0012.
The BBB services 20 counties, 15 in North Carolina and 5 in South Carolina.

by Amy Wadsworth

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