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Within The Week

For couples, Valentine’s Day is all about love, chocolate and smooching. For singe folks, it’s about embracing that singleness and being sassy.
After all the good times to be had on Feb. 14, don’t you think Feb. 15 should be spent doing something a bit more serious? Something with weight and meaning that will expand your mind and force you to think about important issues?
If you answered yes, then I suggest you view “Calling the Ghosts: A Story About Rape, War and Women,” which is being shown at the Gaston County Public Library Tuesday night.
The documentary is a first person account of two Bosnian women caught in a war where rape was used as a weapon.
Jadranka Cigelj and Nustreta Sivacwere, childhood friends and lawyers, enjoyed ordinary lives of modern women in Bosnia-Herzegovina until one day former neighbors became tormentors.
Taken to Omarska, a Serb concentration camp, the two women along with other Muslim and Croat women were systematically tortured and humiliated.
Once released, the pair turned their personal struggle into a larger fight – aiding other women similarly brutalized and successfully lobbying to have rape included in the international lexicon of war crimes by the United Nations Tribunal at Hague.
“Calling the Ghosts” begins at 6:30 p.m. and is free to the public.
The film is suggested for adults and older students (high school or college). Some of the material may be too graphic for anyone younger.
For more information call 704-868-2164.
The following events are also happening within the week:
· On Thursday the duo Zoe Speaks will perform a concert in the Gaston Public Library Auditorium.
The event will be a family performance of traditional Appalachian music and contemporary acoustic tunes by the awarding winning husband and wife duo.
The event is free and suggested for school-age children and adults.
· The fourth annual Seagrove Winterfest Celebration will be held on Feb. 18 and 19. The hundred plus potters in the Seagrove area will be celebrating the event with newly stocked shelves following a busy holiday season. Refreshments and demonstrations will be part of the fun. For more information call 336-873-7887.
by Sarah Grano

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