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Post office takes steps for growth

DENVER – In response to continued growth in Denver, the post office is bringing in some new faces.
Four temporary rural carriers have been hired in the last six months and Postmaster Charles McDaniel does not see it stopping there.
“Denver has got a 12 percent growth rate. It’s controlled, but I will add staff based on how the growth is,” McDaniel said.
Additional routes are also being added.
McDaniel has been in the postal service for 33 years, having worked in Charlotte and New York.
“I started in a small town post office in New York and I wanted to end in a small town post office, but it looks like at this rate Denver won’t be small for very long,” he said.
Although Denver has added major developments and is growing more and more each day, McDaniel is happy with how things have been handled.
“It is carefully planned growth — it seems to be very focused and controlled in my opinion,” he said.
McDaniel has noticed since June 2004 that the growth was really starting to hit.
There have been calls recently about slow mail delivery, but McDaniel is asking people to be patient.
“This is usually because of new employees. They don’t know all the people on their route yet,” he said.
Inclement weather can also slow down mail delivery, but McDaniel said there are several things people can do.
“Make sure the mail is addressed properly; make sure the post of the mailbox is clear and not obstructed and make sure it is mounted securely at the right height,” he said.
Keeping one’s driveway clear of snow and ice can help speed up the process as well.
McDaniel moved to Denver in 2000 and started with 5,200 postal deliveries, which includes residences and businesses. The number has now risen to 7,200.
“I think it will be an ongoing thing to hire people to work here because I see Denver becoming an overspill, a bedroom community for Charlotte,” he said.
McDaniel estimates that in two to three years once there is more growth, he will need to hire the temporary staff full-time. He also foresees them hiring more staff inside the postal office.
McDaniel said he looks forward to finishing his career in Denver.
“Lincoln County planning is wonderful to work with us and let us know in advance what is coming. We are very appreciative,” he said.

by Amy Wadsworth

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