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Businesses train workers in CPR

Local businesses are taking steps to make sure their employees are trained in a basic emergency procedure.
Lt. Kent Lukach of the Lincolnton Police Department, who is also an instructor for the American Red Cross, taught and certified a group of people in first aid and CPR last week.
The students ranged in age from 19 to 60 years old and came from a wide range of businesses.
Fed-Ex, R&R Logging, Redneck Trailer Supplies, two private day care businesses and Moretz Manufacturing were among some of the employers that had personnel in the class.
Most of the students were sent to the get the first aid/CPR training from their employers, but some came for the training for their own personal reasons.
According to the National Safety Council’s 2003 injury facts book, there were 4.5 million deaths and 3.4 million disabling injuries that occurred in the workplace.
“Employers are smart to send their people,” Lukach said. “Just knowing what to do isn’t the whole goal of this training. It’s being trained and knowing how to prevent accidents, also.”
Anyone interested in this training can contact Louann Freshour at the Lincoln County chapter of the American Red Cross at 704-732-1484.by Staff Reports

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