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Fixing power problems in east Lincoln County

Complaints about power problems in eastern Lincoln County are nothing new. We’ve been hearing about them for years. The most recent failure happened on a very cold Monday morning at Rock Springs Elementary School. This time around it was encouraging to hear a response from Duke Power Co. that acknowledged a serious service problem.
“Reliability in that area does not meet Duke Power’s standards,” said spokesman Marilyn Lineberger. She said the company is putting a plan into action to improve services. Engineers are now reviewing service lines in the area to see if an upgrade is needed. Some existing lines will be replaced with larger cable and a new circuit will be added, according to Duke officials. Work is scheduled to begin in March and wrap up as summer begins.
Duke’s workers have been meeting with residents and intend to keep them informed, according to Lineberger. “We know this has been a difficult time,” she said.
Maybe “a difficult decade” would be more apt, considering how long the lights have been going out in Denver. Some residents have given up hopes for relief and have purchased expensive generators to carry them through the outages.
Duke officials sound like they are serious about addressing these problems. It’s about time.

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