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Christian singer has secret smile

She loves to sing, and she loves the stage, but this 19-year-old Christian music singer’s favorite part of performing is praising God.
“I like the ministry aspect,” said Laura Mosteller, a bank teller and Gaston College student. “I don’t think there’s anything better than seeing somebody ‘God bless’ somebody else when you’re singing.”
At the end of January, Mosteller’s first CD entitled “The Secret of My Smile” will debut. What’s the secret? Her love of the Lord.
“Because of God, I’ve got the peace and joy of Him in my life,” she said.
When performing, Mosteller goes by the name Laura Ashley, which she finds more catchy.
She first took the stage at the age of four, singing with her mother and sister at church.
“I was really little. I barely remember it,” she said. “I think I knew then I really liked it.”
That moment of synchronized family singing didn’t become a regular occurence.
“I think that’s the last time we sang together,” said Mosteller.
Despite being one of the few musically inclined people in her family, Mosteller has big dreams of a future in contemporary Christian music.
But first, she plans on graduating college with a degree in business administration. Until then, she’ll satisfy her musical inclinations with local performances at churches.
She’s been performing professionally since she was a 17-year-old senior in high school. Back then she was part of a southern gospel group, but now she prefers to stay solo.
“It has its benefits,” she said. “You can sing whatever you want to.”
Her new CD, which will be out on the Line of Judah record label, features mostly covers, although she did write one song herself.
Even if she never makes it big, Mosteller enjoys using her voice for praise.
“If you don’t have Him, then you’re missing out on a whole lot, a whole lot of peace and comfort,” she said.
Anyone interested in booking Mosteller for a performance or buying a CD can contact her at l_mosteller@hotmail.com.
by Sarah Grano

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