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Cat rescued from well

Looking at “Crazy Eight” today, no one would know that just days before Christmas, the kitten was rescued from a 75-foot well.
Cindy Saull, a firefighter with the Crouse Volunteer Fire Department who later adopted the cat, could not ignore the information she heard on her pager the night of Dec. 20.
“When I heard that there was a cat trapped in a well and they were unable to save it, I thought the Crouse Fire Department could go take a look,” she said.
The well was located on Christopher Road in the Pumpkin Center district.
Six members of the Crouse Fire Department arrived at the scene at 1:30 a.m. The cat had been trapped for three hours.
“My husband just went down in the well and got her,” she said. “So I knew we were going to have to keep her.”
The cat was named “Crazy Eight,” after Crouse Station 8. Crazy Eight did not appear to sustain any injuries beyond some minor bruises.
Her hip seemed to be a little sore at first, but Saull said she is now back to normal.
“It seemed like she used to have some nightmares, she would wake up suddenly, but now she sleeps all the time,” Saull said.
This was a big rescue for the fire department and took an hour and a half to perform.
Pumpkin Center Fire Department, which was originally dispatched to the scene, first attempted to save the animal by lowering a bucket of tuna into the well.
“She was not interested in the tuna,” Saull said. “So that is why my husband went ahead and went down there.”
Kenneth Saull, who is certified in confined spaces, did not have any problem rescuing the animal.
“He just put the cat in his pocket and came back up,” she said.
No one in the area could identify the cat, and Saull said she had to take her in.
“They were discussing taking her to the pound but I don’t believe in the pound,” she said. “I told them she was coming home with me.”
The well, which is located on a resident’s property, appeared to have no lid on it.
Saull said she hopes they will fill it in.
“It could have been somebody’s kid,” she said.
Crazy Eight has been to the vet and has been diagnosed as being “healthy as a horse.”
She joins the Saull family with eight other cats, four dogs and three horses.
“I didn’t want to part with her since my husband rescued her,” Saull said.

by Amy Wadsworth

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