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Shooters to bang in 2005

The new year will start off with a bang in Cherryville and Lincolnton.
For more than 20 years the New Year’s Shooters have carried out a 200-year-old German tradition by loading up their muskets and shooting through the night to ward off evil spirits.
Two groups will make their rounds, culminating the event Saturday at Rudisill Stadium in Cherryville.
The Cherryville Traditional New Years Shooters will begin the holiday early with a route on Friday in Lincolnton.
The Lincolnton schedule is as follows:
8 a.m. — Ferguson’s Hardware, Spencer Houser in Crouse, Henry Martin, Hill Top Superette
10 a.m. — Tom Seagle, Cardinal Health Care, Lincolnton Police Department, Holts Grill
11 a.m. — Walter “Tater” Bennett, Dean Black’s Superette, Linda Fortenberry, Howard Pendleton
Noon — John Gilbert, Dan’s Superette, Belwood Produce, Spakes Antiques
1 p.m. — Bingham’s Grocery, Halfway Supply, Kountry Korner Market, Bobby Heavner
2 p.m. — Mark McSwain, Suzanne Day
After a few hours rest, the group will commence with their Cherryville route as follows:
Midnight — City Hall, Darrell Carpenter
1 a.m. — Marcus and Katherine Moss, W.O. Upchurch
2 a.m. — Herbert Dean Dellinger, Susan Eason, David McSwain
3 a.m. — Heman White, Mike Beam, Snake Eaker
4 a.m. — Mrs. John Ivester, Debbie Brown, Hull’s 66 Service Station
5 a.m. — Jack Peeler, Kim Cook, the Rev. Wayne Key
6 a.m. — Alvin McSwain, Betty and Delbert McSwain, Elwood Mabry, Don Lavery
7 a.m. — Hughes Pond VFD
8 a.m. — Lee Weatherly, Mrs. Dewey “Pud” Lynn, Larry McGinnis
9 a.m. — Black’s Grill, Mrs. Jack Jones, Crouse Handy Mart
10 a.m. — Johnny Heafner, Aileen Stroupe, Seller’s Service Center
11 a.m. — Mrs. Tom Hovis, Tom Jones
11:30 a.m. — Dennis Devine, New Years Shooters’ Statue
Noon — Don Alexander, Tom Beam, Judge Robert Kirby
1 p.m. — Todd Beam, Blanch Blackwood, Rick Carpenter
2 p.m. — Danny Hester, Hubcap’s Grocery, William Wallace, Doug Whitworth, Scott Mauney, Kern Beam
3:30 p.m. — Russell Jones, Russell Morrison
4 p.m. — Slick Pow, Rick Campbell, Jewel Smith, Jake Brittain
5 p.m. — Ben Heavner, Jack Bingham, Joey Ginn, Dan Ginn, Billy Carpenter
6 p.m. — Rudisill Stadium
The Cherryville New Year Shooters will begin their trek at midnight on New Year’s Eve. The following is their schedule:
Midnight — Black’s Grill, Gasland
1 a.m. — William Upchurch, Carpenter’s, Flint Rock Coon Den
2 a.m. — Mary Hoyle, Glenn Eaker, Triple “B” One Stop
3 a.m. — Reid Parker, Hull’s Service Station, Peeler’s
4 a.m. — Cat Square, Houser Beam family, Roy Dellinger
5 a.m. — Donna Carroll, Forrest Ross, Steve Sellers
6 a.m. — Ralph Sellers Service Station, Fourshee’s Handymart, Ronnie Gantt
7 a.m. — Lee Weatherly Grocery
8 a.m. — Floyd Wright, Judy Houser, Tom White
9 a.m. — Mrs. J.C. Beam, Blackwelders Machine, C.V. Thornburg
10 a.m. — Jim Black, Tom Jones, Tim McGinnis
11 a.m. — David Beam, Jack Davis
Noon — Tommy London, Waco Community Building
1 p.m. — Wayne Poston, Katie Devine, Dot Howell
2 p.m. — Howell Stroup, Hillard Wise, Kern Beam
3 p.m. — James Putnam, Blain Beam family, Gerald Quinn
4 p.m. — Carolina Care Rest Home, Ronnie Brown, Mrs. Yates Heavner
5 p.m. — Joe Bill Putnam, Shooters Statue, Hudson’s
6:30 p.m. — Rudisill Stadium
All times are estimates and may run up to 30 minutes ahead or behind schedule. The public is invited to the events.
by Diane Turbyfill

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