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Going for the goal

The hot spot to go in the new year — the gym.
With many people’s New Year’s resolutions being to get fit, gyms in the area could add more members come January.
“It’s amazing what you can do if you make a commitment. With exercise comes a positive attitude,” said Michelle Racey, a personal trainer at Curves in Denver.
Racey said that with the gift certificates they sold over Christmas, she is expecting a large percentage of people to join in the new year.
Her advice to get started is to speak with a qualified individual for advice.
“If you diet, you just gain it back,” Racey said. “Exercise builds muscle and helps burn fat.”
Even things like parking one’s car further away from the supermarket are good tips to add more exercise into a daily routine.
Mike Keever, manager at Iron Physique in Denver is waiving joining fees for the month of January.
“Our membership level goes up 25 percent come January,” he said.
His advice is to find what works for one’s body type.
“It depends so much on the individual that there is not one thing that will work for everyone,” Keever said.
Jill Feldmeyer, owner of Fit Dimension in Denver is taking off $100 for joining.
“Everybody has an excuse on why they are not starting a program, so we are trying to give people a break,” she said.
To start a program that is successful, Feldmeyer suggests talking with one’s doctor first.
“Number two is to get a personal trainer to help motivate you and show you the right things to do the right way,” she said.
Exercise reverses the aging process, Feldmeyer said.
“A 50-year-old body can be a 30-year-old body,” she said.
Feldmeyer said getting fit as a new year’s resolution is a set up for failure.
“If you don’t do it you have to drag it around all year,” she said.
Her advice is to look over the past year and look at the things one can do differently.
“For women the number one thing for them is to lose weight,” she said. “For men it is to lower their blood pressure.”
by Amy Wadsworth

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