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Seasonal scenes provide an eye full

A dedicated group of people make sure to keep Lincoln County festive during the holidays.
Inflatable snowman, life size creches and a plethora of Christmas lights fill up neighborhood yards.
Those who created the most impressive scenes have put a lot of time, money and labor into their decorations, and many have been doing it for years.
James McClaine’s home on Buffalo Shoals Road is one of the most impressive in the county.
“I started off, oh, about 50 years ago, just adding a little bit on every year,” he said.
Elaine Burgess has also been doing it for years. Her mobile home, located on Aspen Street, is a very festive display.
Her daughter, Barbara Lloyd, estimates 10 to 15 people stop by to view the lights every night.
“There’s just a lot of people that come around here every year,” she said.
Burgess’ display includes electronic music, snowmen, Santa Clauses, big red bows, archways, nativity scenes and Santa’s sleigh and reindeer sitting on the roof.
As recently as Monday night, more was being added to the house.
“They’ve done it a long time. She started when we were younger,” said Lloyd. “I love it. I just like Christmas lights, like the decorations.”
Many homes that doll themselves up for Christmas make sure to remember the reason for the season.

Burgess’ home has a new sign up that proclaims “Happy Birthday Jesus.” Driving down N.C. 73, one can spy three huge crosses lit up amongst many other lights.
Historic homes in downtown Lincolnton also light up the night come Christmas. They rarely boast the quantity of other memorable houses, but they make up for it in elegance and quality.
McClaine adds a personal touch to his yard with homemade trees. He has 10 different varieties and has 15 deer that dot the landscape.
For those homeowners who go all out on Christmas, getting things packed away again is a feat in and of itself.
“I start taking them down the last of January,” said McClaine. “It takes longer to pull them down than to put them up.”
—————by Sarah Grano

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