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Kids prove they care

It takes a lot of dedication to lick 700 card filled envelopes and travel the county to place every single one in the hands of a rest home resident.
“We thought it would be nice to give everyone something at Christmas,” said Megan Avery, an 11-year-old Love Memorial Elementary School student.
Megan and her best friend, Molly Leatherman, formed “Kids Who Care,” a two-person team of, well, kids who care.
The girls decided to sign and deliver the cards to the elderly in memory of their friend Merle Powell who passed away last year.
Powell was a patient of Molly’s mother, an in-home care nurse. The girls considered her as close as a grandmother.
Last Easter they brought Powell presents, and she gave them some important advice.
“She said, ‘Don’t ever quit caring,’” said Sharon Avery, Megan’s mother.
The girls took the advice to heart, and came up with their new organization. Although there are currently only two members, the two fifth-graders hope to expand it.
For now, they’ve had enough man power to spread some holiday cheer.
“They get all excited,” said Megan of the residents. “I like it. They’re so friendly.”
Her best friend agreed.
“I like talking to people and making them smile,” said Molly.
They received many thank-yous and hugs from retirement home residents as well as some unusual requests.
“This one lady, she sat in a wheel chair and she looked up at us and said ‘Sing to me,’ and we all started singing ‘Jingle Bells,’” said Megan.
Their mothers escorted them to each retirement home over the course of two weeks.
“I was so proud of them to be 11 years old and think of elderly people,” said Avery.
The two girls plan on going on another cross-county card giving frenzy at Easter.
While meeting the residents and receiving thanks, advice and oftentimes tears is a rewarding experience, the girls could do without all the envelope licking.
“I just kept thinking – ‘It’s for a good cause, keep going,’” said Megan. by Sarah Grano

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