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Local author combines scripture and science

Like many people, Brooks Agnew finds looking up at the stars a spiritual experience.
A co-author of the book “The Ark of Millions of Years: New Discoveries and Light on the Creation,” Agnew believes he can tie creationism and evolutionism into one theory using physics and astronomy.
“Science does not conflict with God. It confirms God,” he said.
Brooks works as an engineer at Getrag, a German-owned company in Maiden, and teaches math at Gaston College. He spent the past three years writing and editing the book. He has 17 years of research backing it.
“The average reader that’s interested in astronomy, interested in science, would be interested in this book,” he said.
In the book, Agnew works to combine scripture with science. He believes that the earth is indeed 1.2 billion years old and was inhabited before the existence of man. However, Agnew argues all that occurred in a place far away from earth’s current location.
“The evolutionist needs to admit that species were merely delivered here with the planet and on the planet,” he said.
Agnew doesn’t claim to know the way in which the earth was delivered, but he believes it will one day be discovered.
He uses astrophysics to support his theory and has a firm belief that a supreme being directs the universe according to the laws of physics. In his mind, life on earth was not merely a scientific coincidence.
“I want to reach the rabbi, the minister, the astronomer and maybe even the college student that’s trying to resolve their spiritual feelings with the scientific curiosity they have,” he said.
While Agnew takes care of the scientific theory in the book, his co-author, E.J. Clark, focuses on religious archeology.
“She has held the scrolls in her hand,” Agnew said. “She’s crawled in the caves.”
Agnew and Clark met after Clark attended a speech given by Agnew. The two struck up a friendship and developed the idea for the book.
Clark, a 63-year-old doctor who lives in Tennessee, has used her expendable income to travel the world and research archeology.
Together, Agnew believes, they have come up with a balanced book.
“It may be too much truth for some,” said Agnew.
Raised Catholic, Agnew now belongs to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. He grew up in a household “steeped in science,” and believes that a scientific mind can co-exist with religious devotion.
“Scientists have a tendency to put their faith in facts or numbers,” he said. “A fact is only a theory that has not been disproved yet. It’s a direct observation.”
As for scientists not being seen as spiritual people, Agnew believes the greats were all touched by God.
“They all speak about inspiration, revelation,” said Agnew.
During his research he read about scientists about to give up, scientists who felt they could go no further.
“The next minute their mind opened up and pure knowledge poured in,” he said.
Agnew is publishing the book through Authorhouse, and it can be purchased at www.authorhouse.com.
An electronic version of the book costs $18.95. A paperback version is $24.95 and a hard cover costs $34.95.by Sarah Grano

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