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Former minister files for appeal

A former Lincoln County minister sentenced to 36 years in prison on Oct. 27 for sexually abusing three of his daughters has appealed the ruling.
Ted Hendrix, 67, was a pastor at Webbs Chapel United Methodist Church in Denver. He resigned in August 2003 after the accusations surfaced.
Detective Dawn Pardue with the Yadkinville Police Department said she believes he appealed roughly 96 hours after he was sentenced.
It is not known when the case will be heard. Pardue said that the decision is up to the court of appeals.
Hendrix’s daughters appeared on the Oprah Winfrey Show in October to talk openly about the abuse they had experienced.
The daughters were abused nearly every day for about a decade.
For two of the sisters the abuse started at the age of seven or eight, the other when she was 12.
Hendrix was arrested in March by police in Yadkinville. He pleaded guilty before being sentenced.
by Amy Wadsworth

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