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Vineyard brings wine to west Lincoln

Want to improve your health? Drink more wine.
This is Larry Cagle Jr. and Sr.’s advice for a longer life.
Red wine made from muscadine grapes are very good for the body due to the high level of antioxidants, dietary fiber and ellagic acid. The wine also boasts no saturated fat and no cholesterol.
Muscadines are known to help reduce muscle and joint pains, inhibit the growth of abnormal cells and help promote cardiovascular health.
As two local makers of this remarkable product, the Cagle father and son duo have been creating their own wines for seven years.
With its location in Vale, Woodmill Vineyard has 1,100 vines on five acres.
Although the Cagles are not licensed to sell wine yet, they love to entertain guests who enjoy tasting their wines. By next Thanksgiving, the Cagles hope to be up and running.
“We are very pleased with the potential customer base that likes our product, and we are confident to go ahead with the winery,” Cagle Jr. said.
There has already been an outpouring of requests from people who want cases of their wine, he said.
“The only problem is that I can’t supply them with it,” he said.
However, it is legal for customers to sample the wine on his property — 200 gallons per family is the limit.
Once the vineyard is open for business it will supply four types of wine.
The first is Toluca Red, named after a town near Vale, which is made from Ison and Nesbit grapes. The second is Dixie Gold which is a mix of Terra and Dixie Red. A blueberry wine will also be available as will a Christmas wine, which is a sweeter blush wine that is a mix of Toluca Red and Dixie Gold.
Cagle Jr. is still trying to come up with a name for the Christmas wine. He has started making labels, which will need to be approved by the state. The labels have Helms Christmas Tree Farm on them, which is his neighbor on John Beam Road.
He hopes to make more wines in the future that will use many of the names of local communities such as “Pumpkin Center,” to have for Halloween and “Cat Square.”
He also hopes to make a wine for Thanksgiving.
All wines will be available in sweet, semi-sweet and semi-dry.
The Cagles hope to have their facility built in Vale by February and plan to have their grand opening by Thanksgiving of next year. They hope to have their license by July.
“I think since last Christmas we have improved our product and have been extremely successful,” Cagle Jr. said. by Amy Wadsworth

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