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Born to run free

A home away from home is right around the corner for man’s best friend in Denver.
Barkin’ Buddies Resort & Daycare offers cageless facilities for dogs and allows plenty of time to play outdoors.
Dogs can come for the day or spend the night.
The facility which has been open since August has already started a rip roaring business.
“In three months we have boarded over 150 dogs,” said Ed McDonald, who owns the facility with his wife, Sherry.
McDonald, who lives in the Denver area, wanted to offer a place where dog owners could drop off their dogs, even just for the day.
“This is a place where I would want to bring my dog, where they are not stuck in a cage,” McDonald said.
His desire to start a facility such as this came from the experience he received from going to local veterinarians where he would board his dogs, Dolly and Andy.
“Vets are great for what they do but boarding is a second tier for them,” he said.
McDonald wanted to offer a place where dogs would be pampered all day and receive interaction with other dogs.
“Dogs are like 2-year-olds. They need interaction,” he said.
An acre and a half of land which is fenced in is available for dogs. Dogs under 35 pounds are separated from their bigger friends.
A typical day at Barkin’ Buddies is scheduled and involves outside play time several times a day. Also there are times for lunch, naps, romper room activities and pampering before bedtime for the overnight guests.
The dogs sleep in “suites,” which are cageless rooms where each dog has their own separate bed with sheets on it. Two dogs can stay in one room if desirable or can have their own suite. Three different size beds are also available depending on the size of the dog.
By the spring, McDonald hopes to get a swimming pool for the water-loving dogs.
A single visit is $14 and sleepovers are $25 for dogs under 35 pounds and $28 for dogs over 35 pounds.
In order for one’s dog to be able to spend the day or night at the facility, they must go through a two-hour orientation to introduce them to the other dogs.
“This is just to make sure that your pet is not aggressive,” McDonald said.
Proof of all vaccinations and proof of a systemic flea and tick prevention program also must be shown. A pet profile must also be filled-out by the owner in order for them to learn about the pet’s needs.
All dogs over six months of age must be spayed and neutered.
Grooming is also available at Barkin’ Buddies.
Hours are 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday and 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Saturday. Sundays the facility is closed but pick-up is available between 4 p.m. and 6 p.m.
Barkin’ Buddies is located at 1587 N.C. 16. For more information call 704-483-DOG-1.

by Amy Wadsworth

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