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Ad business invites new area residents

Many residents new to the Denver area may experience a welcoming face at their door and a basket full of gifts.
“The Welcome Basket” is a way to welcome people to the community while benefiting surrounding businesses at the same time.
Welcomers Dana Dehart and Connie Whitmore, both Denver residents, love the joy that it brings them.
“We meet people and build relationships,” Dehart said. “We have met some really neat people.”
Roughly 13 businesses in Denver advertise with “The Welcome Basket,” which allows businesses to place coupons and flyers in large baskets, which are given to area newcomers.
Some of the client businesses around the Denver area include Highway 16 Diner, UPS, Quality Lube, Mighty Dollar, Family Chiropractic of Westport, Sagebrush, Mazatlan and Giorgio’s.
The gifts and information in the basket offer newcomers a taste for what is in the Denver area.
Dehart and Whitmore also hope to get a map to include in the basket.
“A lot of times people live in the Denver area and are in a routine, they just go to Huntersville and Charlotte,” Dehart said.
Dehart used to work for Welcome Wagon in Denver, a national company that greets new homeowners and familiarizes them with the new community.
After that company ended in Denver in the late 90s, Dehart wanted to continue doing it in the community.
She met Whitmore, who encouraged her to start up her own business.
“There are people moving here from as far as Connecticut who don’t know about this area,” Dehart said.
“You wouldn’t believe the people moving into this area,” Whitmore added. “Most people are from out of state.”
Both women, who were previously stay-at-home mothers, love the freedom their job gives them.
“We set our own hours,” Whitmore said.
Finding people who are new to the area is not a challenge for the women. Information is obtained through the county, real estate records, license plate tags and word-of-mouth.
The advertised businesses are supplied with a list of names of the residents that were visited, which gives them an opportunity to follow up with that potential customer.
“The Welcome Basket” is currently working on a Web site. For more information, send an email to thewelcomebasket@hotmail.com.

Warming welcome
Dana Dehart and Connie Whitmore of “The Welcome Basket” show off the basket they present to newcomers in the Denver area. Many businesses in the area advertise with them through the baskets. Amy Wadsworth / LTN Photoby Amy Wadsworth

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