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Piedmont Natural Gas to leave Lincolnton

Piedmont Natural Gas is pulling out of Lincolnton after 39 years of serving the area.
An exact date has not been set for the closing of the Sycamore Street location, but it is expected to occur in the middle of 2005.
The decision to close was made as part of a study over the past year which involved a look at the company’s operations and how to make the company operate more efficiently.
“We concluded that certain district operations all did similar work that could be done from another district,” said David Trusty, vice president of Corporate Communications in Charlotte.
He said that although the physical facility will be going away, they will maintain customer service for area users.
The process is a way for the company to keep operating costs down.
“With the energy costs rising, we are doing anything we can do to make ourselves operate more efficiently,” Trusty said.
Lincolnton is not the only district in which a physical location is closing down. Six other districts in North Carolina, South Carolina and Tennessee will also be eliminated.
“Each district will be different. We are in the process of developing appropriate plans,” he said.
Piedmont Natural Gas is primarily engaged in the transportation, distribution and sale of natural gas to more than 940,000 residential, commercial and industrial customers in North Carolina, South Carolina and Tennessee.
The company is based in Charlotte and is the second-largest natural gas utility in the Southeast.by Amy Wadsworth

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