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Natural Nutrition

Natalie Veres and Cassie Parsons love food — food that is good for you, that is.
Veres and Parsons want to offer the community food that tastes good but is also good for one’s body.
In order to make their dream a reality, Veres and Parsons recently purchased 10 acres of land in Denver for an organic farm which will be called “Grateful Growers.”
“We came up with the name because we are so grateful for all we have,” Veres said.
Veres spotted the lot on Mack Ballard Road and knew it was the perfect place.
Although the farm is in the preliminary stages, Parsons and Veres are working on becoming certified. They also want the community to appreciate that there is a way to eat the same foods that are better for you.
Organic food emphasizes the use of renewable resources and the conservation of soil and water. Meat, poultry, eggs and dairy products come from animals that are given no antibiotics or growth hormones.
Organic food is made with no pesticides or fertilizers.
Starting an organic farm in the east Lincoln area has been something the two women have wanted to do for some time.
They currently have an organic landscaping business together called, “My Dog Lawn & Landscape, LLC.”
The 7-year-old business offers another alternative for one’s lawn as opposed to other businesses such as ChemLawn lawn care which uses chemicals.
Getting involved with organic substances therefore is not new for the two women.
Organic food became more of an issue for Parsons after she sat down and read a popular book, “Mad Cow U.S.A.,” which relates to what goes on behind the scenes in the meat industry.
“After I read the book I literally did not sleep for three days and I could barely eat,” she said. “I became saddened in knowing that I was not being told things about certain meats.”
Parsons said many popular produce items bought at the grocery store are covered in pesticides and chemicals.
“Just washing them off alone is not enough,” she said.
Their goal is to grow great food and have fun with it.
The farm will have sheep, cows, hogs and chickens. They will also have a garden with homegrown produce such as lettuce and carrots.
“Our culture is so used to chemicals to solve our short term problems, but in the end they create long term problems,” Veres said.
“We both love food and appreciate good food and that is what drove us to do this.”
There is no set date for when products will be available.
They speculate mushrooms may be available in September and eggs, produce and chicken in June.
For more information contact Veres at natalieveres@yahoo.com.

Cassie Parsons discusses plans for the organic farm on Monday. Parsons and Natalie Veres recently bought a house and 10 acres of land together in order to make the dream a reality. Amy Wadsworth / LTN Photo
by Amy Wadsworth

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