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Student computer skills up slightly

SAT scores trail state average

Lincoln County Schools has increased its number of computer literate children.
Of the 1,110 students tested this year in the school district, 82.7 percent were found proficient. This number shows a slight increase over 82.2 percent of students found proficient in 2003.
Most students take the test during middle school, and overall middle school scores had 89.5 percent of students marked as proficient.
Of the 1,110 students tested this year, 188 were in high school. Passing the test is required for graduation.
“Those are those students who did not pass it in middle school who may be coming from different countries or coming from different states,” said Elaine Jenkins, assistant superintendent of curriculum and instruction, at the Lincoln County Board of Education’s November meeting.
Jenkins also reported Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) statistics analysis to the board.
Although scores have progressively increased, Lincoln County trails behind the state by 20 points and the nation by 40.
Jenkins pointed out that many states only test a small number of students, which affects percentages in their favor.
“You can not compare percentages of two different states blindly without looking past average scores,” she said.
Not all students in Lincoln County who take the SAT end up going to a four year college.
“If you looked at only a select five percent of our students taking the tests, I think the scores would be different,” said Jenkins.
Of Lincoln County students who reported being in the top 10 percent of their class, the average math score was one point above the state average. The average verbal score was one point below.
The difference between the top 10 percent of students in Lincoln County compared to those in other states is more notable.
The math mean score is six points below the state average, and the verbal mean score is five points below.
“We’re still not happy that we trail the state by one point, and we’re trailing the country by five,” said Jenkins. “But we’re closing the gap, so that’s significant.”
The following issues were also covered at the November Lincoln County Board of Education meeting.
· Buddy Stasney of Griffin-Pontiac-Buick-GMC was honored by the board for helping supply the county’s Teacher of the Year with a new car for one calendar year.
· Contracts with architects Martin-Boal-Anthony-Johnson and Boney Architecture were approved by the board.by Sarah Grano

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