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Rebels cling to state playoff hopes

The West Lincoln Rebels (4-6, 0-6 Midwest 2A) need a win to keep their ‘Paris Hilton’ slim playoff chances alive.
Seeing as how the Rebels will square off against the Chase Trojans (2-8, 1-5 MW 2A) the problem may not be winning, but what the win does.
Head coach Butch Parker does his best to explain the scenario that will face the Rebels even with a victory Friday night.
If a team played an endowment game, which makes an eleven-game schedule, they have to report a 10-game season.
“We gave the kids a mental number and if we win Friday, we would have exceeded that number and for that not to count I think that’s absurb. When it’s all said and done, there are going to be some teams that get into the playoffs that don’t have but four wins on the year,” Parker said.
The reason why that is so ‘unfair’ in Parker’s view is that the Rebels would have five wins for the first time since 1993.

West Lincoln racked up over 350 total yards on offense against the East Rutherford Cavs last week, so Parker would like to see more of the same this week.
“We have to do what we did last week. We have to move the ball around and get it in the hands of the people we did last week in the last three quarters,” he said.
One of those players is senior running back Will Tallent who had a stellar 18 carry 154 yard performance versus the Cavs.
“I was very proud of the 27 points we scored against East Rutherford. We have to continue to do that,” Parker said.
Chase who ranks dead last in the Midwest Conference, with over 330 yards surrendered per game, runs a 4-4 defense. So what will the Rebels try to do against it?
“We want to run the option and the trap. We did throw the ball fairly effectively last week,” Parker said.

The main man in the Trojans’ Wing-T offense is running back Anthony Wingo, who at only 5’4” makes a huge impact on any game.
“That’s the whole key to the ballgame. His motor runs full speed all game long. He’s a threat to score every time he gets his hands on the ball,” Parker said.
The good news about Wingo is that he doesn’t have nearly as strong of a supporting cast as East Rutherford.
“They’re not as versatile as East Rutherford, so we’re essentially going to put people up there in the box to try to contain him,” Parker said.

The X-Factor for the Rebels is blatantly obvious. If it’s not for some people, Parker paints the picture clearly.
“It’s a must-win as far as our slim playoff chances go. We think we have a better football team than Chase High School. That’s the crucial thing,” he said.
Regardless of the outcome, Parker still has a perspective for his team that is bleak.
“They’re slim. With a win they’re still slim.”

by John Mark Brooks

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