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Former chemical engineer finds life on film

Edgar Smith didn’t have anything else better to do on a Tuesday and Thursday.
When his friend asked him to share the driving and attend an “Acting for the Camera Advanced,” class at Central Piedmont Community College, Smith could not turn him down.
He thought it would be interesting to see what it takes to make a commercial and a movie.
What he didn’t realize is how his life would change.
The Denver resident loved being in front of the camera.
“That’s my favorite part-figuring out what to do,” he said.
Having been retired since 1985 from chemical engineering, Smith never thought he would take on another career.
“It’s really gone further than I ever dreamed,” he said.
Since 1993, Smith has stared in almost a dozen commercials and several made for TV movies including Hallmark’s, “The Love Letter,” “Scattered Dreams” and “Death in Small Doses.” He was featured in the first Carolina Panthers commercial in the late 1990’s.
After seeing himself on camera for the first few times, Smith said it was an experience.
“How big can your ego be pumped,” he said. “People come up to you all the time and say I saw you in that commercial.”
His most current movie is, “A Tale About Bootlegging,” which began Sept. 12 with filming. Smith plays the minister who burries the bootlegger. The movie is a comedy set off from a short story by William Axley Allen.
Scenes have been shot in Gastonia, Charlotte, Blowing Rock and as far away as Saluda.
Smith’s scene was shot in Blowing Rock on top of a gorge, 350 feet up.
The towns people are shown coming up the hill with the coffin where everyone gathers around.
“I will be excited to see it,” Smith said. “You shoot so many scenes that you never know what the finished product will be like.”
It has not been determined when the movie will be released.
When Smith is not involved in film making, he loves to read.
A Monroe native, Smith loves living at the lake where he has resided since 1986.
He is very happy that he decided to get involved in acting.
“I had no idea all this would pop up, it was just a matter of being at the right place at the right time,” he said.
by Amy Wadsworth

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