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Commisioner candidates respond to questions

Voters will choose three new members of the Lincoln County Board of Commissioners this year.
Five candidates — three Republicans, one Democrat and one Libertarian — are vying for the seats. Terms are for four years.
No matter who wins, Republicans will maintain control of the board.
Candidates were asked to submit profiles and answer five questions.

Candidate questionnaire
1. Lincoln County is unofficially divided into three parts: west Lincoln, Lincolnton and east Lincoln. How would you as a commissioner make sure each part is treated equally and assure residents that governmental services will be distributed fairly?
2. Facing a growing population, Lincoln County officials are constantly looking for new ways to pay for services. Without raising the property tax, what would your solution to this problem be?
3. With work pushing forward on the new highway 16 in eastern Lincoln County, what do you see happening to the areas along the road? What steps should the county take in planning the road’s future?
4. As a candidate, what sets you apart from others in the race? What should voters choose you?
5. If your candidacy or goals could be summed up in a one-sentence objective, what would it be?

Alex Patton
Age: 43
Family: wife, Wanda; daughter, Renee; two sons, David and Adam
Occupation: Store manager at Bi-Lo in Lincolnton
Education: Graduate of Lincolnton High School. U.S. Army Signal School (Top Secret Clearance), Basic Non Commissioned Officer Course, Primary Leadership and Development- NC Military Academy West (Honor Graduate), Bi-Lo School of Business
Political Experience: Ran unsuccessfully in 1996 and 1998 for Board of Education
Community Involvement: Active member of Maiden Wesleyan Church
Member of American Legion Post #30, member of five mission teams to Russia,
past township chairman for Republican Party, past president of Republican Men’s Club.

1. First and foremost, I am trying to be a Lincoln County commissioner, not an east, west or Lincolnton commissioner. I have no hidden agenda and represent no special group or any one part of the county over the other.
I will be fair, open and honest in all that I do. At the end of the day we are all neighbors and friends and should work together to make sure we do what is in the best interests of all our citizens. Everyone`s input is important and together we will chart a course for the future of Lincoln County.
2. Fiscal responsibility above all. We must run government like a business and change as the needs change.
We must continue to bring clean high tech businesses into Lincoln County to increase the tax base and keep property taxes down. We must continue to provide affordable housing and maintain a growing and diverse workforce to attract these businesses. The citizens cannot continue to bear the burden by raising taxes.
3. Growth will be inevitable. We must use good common sense and do what is best for the county as these areas grow. We need to develop long term strategies for this area and work to make them a reality. We must weigh individual property rights and what is best for the county into the equation and come up with solutions that are workable.
4. I am a lifelong Lincoln County resident. I am a 15 year military veteran. I know how to lead and how to make the tough decisions when they are needed. I manage 86 employees on a daily basis and work with the public on a daily basis as well. I am in a business that must get leaner and develop new strategies to stay competitive on a continual basis. Government must get leaner and reinvent itself to meet the growing demands of local government without putting the burdens on our citizen`s by increasing the tax burden. I will treat our citizens with respect and I will remember that I work for them, not against them.
5. My goal is to serve this community in a way that my God, my family and my fellow citizens will be proud of.

Marie Moore
Age: 57
Family: wife, mother, grandmother
Occupation: Accounting
Education: BS Business Administration – Pfeiffer University, Master of Accountancy – Gardner Webb University
Political experience: None
Community involvement: Active Christian in United Methodist Church

1. All citizens in Lincoln County deserve a good quality of life. I want to be a representative for all the citizens in Lincoln County. Governmental services will by distributed fairly by serving all areas of the county. Services must be on a pro rata share so all areas of our Lincoln County residents have equal access to the services offered by County Government.
2. As we plan and manage growth, our land use and policies will address responsible growth. The growth will enhance commercialism and employment and will also increase the tax base. We could also use some form of Adequate Public Facilities Ordinance. The criteria which are set in the ordinance must be fair, county wide and protect the integrity of our existing residential areas. It must be based on a Comprehensive Land Use Plan and must address public health; safety issues and maintains a good quality of life for all of Lincoln County.
3. This will give us an opportunity to plan and manage growth on new Highway 16 while maintaining the functional capacity of the highway. We will be able to plan land use, infrastructure, and transportation in an organized way that will address responsible growth. We can plan and encourage a housing mix that will provide housing for all economic levels. We can plan industrial development that will increase the tax base and create new jobs while protecting natural and scenic resources.
4. The board should be representative of the people the board represents. Voters should vote for me because I want to be a representative for all the people in Lincoln County. All citizens deserve a good quality of life. I have the skills and passion that will help accomplish the goal for the Lincoln County Government. The goal is to provide user-friendly, cost effective services that will create and maintain a safe, healthy and economically strong county for all the citizens in Lincoln County.
5. Vote for Marie Moore for accountability, fairness and equitable county government.

Shane Killian
Age: 36
Family: two children, Sinclair, 6, and Aleena, 3
Occupation: business owner/ IT professional
Education: high school diploma from East Lincoln High School, Bachelors degree from St. Andrew’s Presbyterian College, Laurinburg, numerous computer and teaching certificates.
Political experience: active member of the Libertarian Party, delegate to 2002, 2003 and 2004 state conventions and to 2004 national convention; 2004 presidential elector
Community involvement: raised funds and walked in local CROP and MS walks; participated in canned food drives and other volunteer work for Christian Ministries; spoken to classes in local schools about the political process.

1. The purpose of government is to provide only the services necessary to maintain order, secure our rights, and promote the general welfare. As such, a commissioner should ensure that all areas have the necessities covered. If there is any question at all of whether money should be spent in one area or another, then obviously the necessities
have been met. This means the county has taken too much money in taxes
and it needs to be given back to the people in the form of tax refunds.
2. Ideally, all services should be paid for with a direct fee-for-service, and if the service cannot be privatized then efforts should be made to bring in free market competition to keep these fees as low as possible. It should never be the case that people pay a fee for a
service they cannot receive or cannot opt out of, and fees should be structured based on use, not on location or political influence.
3. This area, like all areas, should be allowed to grow based on the free market, not government fiat. Government should be proactive in
examining areas poised for growth and making sure the infrastructure is in place to accommodate it, not restricting it because the infrastructure isn`t in place or because it`s politically expedient. I propose a reserve infrastructure budget consisting of money placed in an
interest-bearing account each year to be able to handle new or unexpected growth without resorting to more debt or taxes. It should never be the case that property rights are abrogated, through zoning or
other forceful measures, in order to make the area grow the way politicians think it should.
4. I am unlike any other candidate in that I want you to be free to live your life the way you see fit, not as some politician would dictate to
you. I want to set you free to build or develop your own property as you see fit, provided that in doing so you do not endanger others or
interfere with their rights. You`d be hard-pressed to find anyone more dedicated to the principles of liberty than me. In all things, in all
cases, I will fight for your rights and end the government interference that is a parasite on the economy. I am the only commissioner candidate who will implement a sound, debt-free fiscal policy, end zoning and
other violations of our rights, and improve our schools with school choice and budget reform initiatives.
5. All your freedoms, all the time, no exceptions, no excuses!

Brad Duke
Age: 40
Family: fiancee, Noelle Nazare; daughter, Ariel Duke.
Occupation: owner, Double “D” Welding
Education: five-year college graduate in various technical fields
Political experience: vice-chairman of Hickory Grove precinct
Community involvement: Did not respond.

1. I would start by working with citizens advisory committees in all areas of our county to ensure that services are distributed fairly. I will also encourage a higher level of community involvement in order to gain a greater perspective on the needs of each area of our county.
2. I would like to evaluate our local government’s internal departments, searching for ways to increase efficiency, thereby reducing wasteful spending. This would be beneficial for the citizens and our individual departments.
3. I think in some part the property along Highway 16 should be zoned for commercial use thereby bringing much needed businesses and jobs to our community. Also, there should be a strict land use plan developed to ensure that the highway is adequate to service the citizens due to the increasing growth.
4. For too long it seems that the citizens of Lincoln County have not had a voice inside our local government. As county commissioner, I intend to be that voice. Also, it’s my intention to carry the power of the people into office with me to ensure that all citizens are treated fairly.
5. I wish to make Lincoln County government more efficient in order to provide needed services for the citizens.

Tom Anderson
Age: 63
Family: Married to Lynn Anderson for 40 years; two adult children and four grandchildren all of which reside in Lincoln County
Occupation: Consulting Engineer, licensed to practice in the states of NC, SC, GA, FL, VA & MD.
Education: BS in Civil Engineering, The Citadel, The Military College of South Carolina
Political experience: vice chairman, Lincoln County Board of Commissioners; vice chairman, Lincoln Economic Development Assoc. Board; Lake Norman Rural Planning Organization Board; Centralina Council of Government Executive Board; Lincoln County Airport Authority; Lincolnton/Lincoln County Chamber of Commerce Government Affairs Committee; NC Future Forward Boardvice chairman; East Lincoln Advisory Committee to Lincoln Economic Development Association Board
Community involvement: Denver-Lake Norman Rotary Club

1. The needs of the various sections of the county differ somewhat due primarily to population density and the growth recently experienced and anticipated in the future. I receive input from individuals and organizations on a continuing basis as to the needs and desires of the various sections of the county. Based on that information, I am able to understand what is needed and work to insure that the proper resources are available to meet those various needs and desires.
2. Success in our Economic Development programs has, and will continue to, allow us to meet the costs of providing services to the citizens of Lincoln County. I will continue to work with the Economic Development Association to increase our tax base and to provide good job opportunities for our citizens. I will also work to implement state of the art technology that will allow us to provide services effectively and economically without increasing county personnel costs and to eliminate duplication of effort wherever it may exists.
3. Completion of the current section of Highway 16 will bring new growth in the residential, commercial and industrial sectors. Through the county’s membership on the Lake Norman Rural Planning Organization, on which I serve, work is already underway to plan for development that will accompany its completion. Planning is also in progress for improvements to highways 150 and 73 with our neighboring counties of Iredell, Gaston and Cleveland. We should continue our active participation in the Rural Planning Organization and other regional transportation organizations with which we currently meet.
4. My experience as an engineer and small business owner has provide me with the tools to address the type of challenges the county will face in connection with infrastructure design and construction, implementation and enforcement of codes and ordinances and the attraction of new, or expansion of existing, businesses to Lincoln County. I have also developed a good working relationship with the School Board that is critical and necessary if an effective and economical educational system is to be available to our children.
5. To maintain and improve the quality of life for the citizens of Lincoln County, the quality of education for our students at all levels and to continue our success in economic development to ensure our ability to provide those service required from county government in the most effective and economical way possible.

by Alice Smith

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