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Habitat project a Rotary celebration

Lincoln County’s three Rotary Clubs have agreed to join together to build a Habitat House as their centennial project.
“It has brought the three clubs closer together, and it’s an opportunity for us to work collectively for a project that will have a county wide visibility,” said Steve Gurley, president of the central Lincolnton Rotary Club.
Starting on Feb. 23, 2005 the Rotary will celebrate its 100th year, and clubs throughout the world are doing centennial projects.
Officials with the Lincoln County Habitat for Humanity are pleased that the Rotary Clubs in Lincoln county have chosen a Habitat House as their project.
“It’s wonderful. Our very best experience is with a group, one group taking a house and going with it,” said Bob Cantwell, president of the Lincoln County Habitat for Humanity.
“They have a camaraderie already, and they’re used to working together. The pride of the group is involved.”
Rotary volunteers will begin work next Saturday under the leadership of long time Habitat volunteers.
This Saturday at 9 p.m. members of the groups will have a groundbreaking on the property, which will one day hold a home.
The public is invited to attend this ceremony on Sweet Pea Lane in Pumpkin Center. The street holds two other Habitat Houses and is located just a few miles away from North Lincoln High School.
The Lincoln County Branch of Habitat for Humanity builds two houses a year. This project will be their 16th house.
It takes around four to five months to build each of the three bedroom homes. The houses normally cost owners $56,000. Labor on the house is free and the family who receives it has an interest free loan.
Watching a family have a house for the very first time is one of the best parts of being involved in Habitat for Humanity, said Cantwell.
“They’re always very thrilled,” he said. “Can you imagine a family who’s never owned a house, and they get a house and here it is with built in appliances, bedrooms, two bathrooms?”
Once in the house, the family has monthly payments to cover household insurance, property taxes and maintenance.
Families are chosen to receive a house based on need and the family’s ability to pay back the loan they receive.

by Sarah Grano

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