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Young Riders

Charlie Story, 7, pretends to drive his grandfather’s tractor at the Killian Farm Antique Tractor & Engine Show in Denver on Saturday. Amy Wadsworth / LTN Photo

Children sow futures at local tractor show

Eli Joy looks up at the large tractor that looms before him.
His father holds him up on his shoulders so he can get a better view.
The entire field is scattered with different types of tractors, some big and some small, some tall and some short. To a little boy, it might seem like heaven.
“He loves tractors,” said his father, Bryan Joy of Huntersville.
Thr0ee-0000000year-old Eli has been coming each year of his life to the Killian Farm Antique Tractor and Engine Show in Denver with his father, mother and brother. Every member of the family is a tractor fan.
The tractors were just a few of the highlights at Saturday’s event, which was also held on Friday and Sunday.
Along with tractors, there were antique cars and trucks on display, pea thrashing, seed cleaning and corn grinding.
Dawn Farmer of Gastonia was at the festival with her two children, her husband and her parents.
“It’s a beautiful day,” Farmer said. “The girls enjoy tractors and it is something to do with the family.”
There was plenty of food to be enjoyed as well. Don Morgan of Shelby was busy making homemade chocolate and vanilla ice cream.
“I do it as a hobby,” he said, serving up scoops of ice cream. “It’s a fun thing for me. I’m retired.”
John and Ruby Bumgarner of Vale were at the Tractor Show showcasing old tools.
“I never even considered collecting,” John said.
But now he has buildings that hold all of his collections.
“When I run out of room, I build another building,” he said.
Charlie Story, 7, was enjoying the day atop his grandfather’s tractor which was on display.
“I have about 25 or 30 tractors,” said Charlie’s grandfather, Ned Story, of Denver. “All my grandkids play on them.”
The event allowed many people to see old antique items, some very rare.
“You don’t get to see some of this equipment anymore,” said Elizabeth Pope-Bellow of Huntersville.
The event was held by the non-profit Stumptown Tractor Club, which was started in 1995 to help preserve and restore antique tractor power and antique farm equipment.

Tyler Barannon, 8, of Huntersville, feeds sheep Saturday at the tractor show as his cousin, Billy Pope, 9, waits his turn. Amy Wadsworth / LTN Photo

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