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Horse lovers flock to fair

Event held at future equestrian park site

CHERRYVILLE — Cherryville citizens and horse lovers from all over visited an Ol’ Timey County Fair on Saturday afternoon, which sat on the future home of an equestrian park.
The event, which was located on Baxter Road in Cherryville, included concessions, an old tractor show and performances featuring talented dogs and horses.
Many of the fair’s participants were horse enthusiasts who would love to have an equestrian park close by.
“I am definitely a supporter,” said Linda Link who attended the fair. “I think it would be wonderful because the horse industry is growing everyday and becoming more and more popular.”
Organizers of the Piedmont Equestrian Park hope to take advantage of that popularity. Within the next year, the now vacant land will be filled with a covered arena and 300 barns, a perfect venue for horse shows.
“It would be just wonderful to have something close,” said Link.
Currently, the only horse facilities located near Cherryville are outdoors.
“I grew up riding horses and showing horses in this area,” said Katherine Henkle, who participated in the fair. “There really aren’t any facilities.”
Many of those who attended the event chose to take a carriage ride around the property viewing farmland, wetland and streams.
Because of an agreement with the state, the streams on the property will be restored free of charge.
Many of the property’s streams currently sit in ditches. With the restoration, they will be built back up and natural plants will be put around them.
Those involved in the Piedmont Equestrian Park have also received the opportunity to have 20 acres of wetlands restored free of cost. The wetlands are rare to the area.
Although the park seems to be making steady progress, not all Cherryville citizens are support the project.
Melissa Summer, project coordinator of for the Piedmont Equestrian Park, hopes Saturday’s event changed some minds.
A good number of the fair’s attendees were already supporters of the project, and many of them had a fine time at the fair.
Margaret Cox, a seven year old, even managed to get herself into a mess bobbing for apples.
“That’s why I’m so wet!” she said. “I stuck my whole face in there.” by Sarah Grano

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